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I was on the road 80% of the time and I desperately missed my beautiful wife, my children, and my home. I just wanted to get back home…the gravity of my life. The song just came out as I was flying 36,000 feet in the sky.

Coyote Tears

I wanted to capture a story of a young boy that breaks away from his family in anger after they were torn apart. Not all young coyotes stay with the pack…some leave and become outsiders or join other dejected coyotes. Nowhere to go.

Love Love

This is a simple song about love.

“You got that honest love so sweetly Bring out that joy inside of me You got my heart and soul completely Sitting underneath the willow tree Everybody knows how much you mean to me”


“Angel” was written about my beautiful wife Christel. We’d been through really tough times, but even when she was working 2 jobs and I was scrounging behind couch pillows to find enough coins to feed our children, she stuck by my side.

Give It Up For Love

 Huey Lewis came into Rainbow Records back in the late 70’s to try to sell his first single. Shortly after, he became a superstar with “Do You Believe in Love”. I wrote “Give it Up for Love” to try to capture that same buoyant feeling.

The Heights of Love

“Heights” is about the down-trodden, disenfranchised, or otherwise unloved people. No matter how bad we’ve become, we all started out angelic and innocent. And we always can be forgiven, enlightened, and made new.