The Studio​

TYC Studio Central is the domain where the songs get transformed into music. I love the warmth and unpredictability of old analog recording, where you take chances and get drenched in sweet sonic saturation and good old fashioned tube harmonic fuzziness.
All my songs are recorded here, and all of the instruments, with the exception of a few keys, string, and horn parts, are recorded live with my beloved vintage tube microphones.
The studio players are all from the North San Francisco Bay Area, and there is nothing as magical as bringing world-class musicians together to create music.

Our studio currently has a very restricted schedule of availability for recording sessions and producing. Please contact us if interested in inquiring about booking our studio, including relevant links to the artists.

Guitar - the strings to my heart.

Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, stand up bass, electric bass, slide guitar…you name it. We love it. The guitars are a primary building block to the sound of my songs, and I have the pleasure of working with guitarists like Steve Tellez, an incredible musician and vocalist, on many songs.

Vocals - soulful interpretations.

The soul of music are the vocals. This is where we spend the most time…discovered new sonic dimensions while refining lyrics and harmonies. It is also the most challenging of the instruments to record…what you capture on tape is dependent on so many different things…the temperature and humidity of the room, the type of recording equipment being used, the vibe and interaction of the people in the recording studio, and last but not least, the mood and emotional state of the singer. This also makes it the most satisfying.

Piano - keys to the kingdom.

I have an old Hammond M3, as well as a variety of piano, organ, and synth parts from my friend Andy Cater that are used on many of my songs. Andy is an accomplished pianist and overall incredible musician that I am proud to record with. And occasionally I’ll bang out a piano part when in the right mood.

Drums - the beat goes on.

I record the drum set in a large room because I love the sound of big, open drums with natural room reverberation. Each drum is painstakingly tuned and mic’d up, and the cymbals are routinely polished to ensure the most shimmering sound glistens through the mix. I am lucky to have awesome drummers like Dylan Harrison from San Francisco to play on my songs.
Dylan is able to play any style of music – jazz, rock, pop…you name it! To me, the drum set is the engine in the music.